About Us

Building a transparent, accessible and cost effective tendering platform

Our Mission

Having experienced 1st hand the inefficiencies of the offline manual procurement tender systems in accessing & bidding for a tender, we made it our mission to create a platform whereby any individual or business house can distribute procurement information faster & accessibly to the general public and link with other businesses around Solomon Islands online.

At the end of the day we simply bring buyers and suppliers together and ensuring their e-procurement material and brand message reach the right people, using our technology.

We are optimistic that Pacific Tenders Platform serves the community.

Our Values

  • Empowering local business to access an equal opportunity platform.
  • Supporting gender equality in and throughout our business opportunities.
  • Enabling new university graduates seeking personalized career opportunities.
  • Moving entrepreneurship forward to a modern, open, accessible and transparent tender system online.

Pacific Tenders is a product of Adkonect, a marketing communications company that pursues to create better ways to help clients communicate to its audience.


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