Construction of Staff houses at Aruligo, Guadalcanal, MFMR Freshwater Fish Hatchery project

Construction of Staff houses at Aruligo, Guadalcanal, MFMR Freshwater Fish Hatchery project

Closing on: Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 14:00 SI - Honiara City Posted on: Tue, 09/14/2021 - 17:17

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  Solomon Islands Government

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources

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The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, through SIG has budget funding for the Construction of Staff houses at Aruligo, Guadalcanal, MFMR Freshwater Fish Hatchery and now invites interested eligible Contractors to submit tenders for the provision of these works. Full details are provided in the attached Drawings and Bill of Quantities/Scope of works. This is a Lump sum contract

The expected start date on site is: October 2021

The expected practical completion date is: December 2021

A Contractor will be selected under Solomon Islands Government Competitive Tendering procedures, specified in SIG Interim Financial Instructions and the Procurement and Contract Administration Manual, and is open to all eligible Tenderers.

To be eligible for evaluation a tenderer must submit documented evidence that demonstrates compliance to the following criteria:

A complete set of Tender documents in English can be obtained by interested Tenderers at the MFMR Tender Administration on the payment of non-refundable amount of $150.00 in cash to the address above.

MANDATORY FOR TENDER ASSESSMENT Tenderers are to complete and return as part of their tender – the following documentation

Sealed Tender Documents in three (3) envelopes. “Envelope 1” is to be an outer envelope addressed to the:

  • Chairman, Central Tender Board, Ministry of Finance & Treasury, P O Box G 26, Honiara, Solomon Islands, bearing the name of the Tenderer and identification number of the Contract and provide a warning: DO NOT OPEN BEFORE OFFICIAL TENDER OPENING at 2:30pm, 30th September 2021;

“Envelope 2” is to be placed inside Envelope 1 and contain all required tender documentation (marked “ORIGINAL” and addressed as per Envelope 1) and Envelope 3 is also to be placed inside envelope 1 to be a copy of the tender documentation (marked “COPY” and addressed as per Envelope 1)

2 A completed Tender Price Summary Form & Trade Activity
3 A completed Tender Form signed by authorized signatory
4 A completed Tender Declaration signed by authorized signatory
5 A completed Power of Attorney of signatory of Tenderer (if not the company owner)
6 A current Certificate of Registration as business under SIG laws
7 Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Division of MOFT;
8 Internal Revenue Division (IRD) Tax compliance Certificate
9 A completed letter listing of all pending litigating and arbitration involving the tenderer or declaring the tenderer has no pending litigation and arbitration.
10 Audited financial statements including a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the last 2 years to demonstrate the current soundness of the tenderer financial position. As a minimum the tenderers net worth for the last year must be at least 50% of total tender price;
11 Evidence to demonstrate the successful completion of at least 1-2 same contracts in the last 5 years (client references to be provided);
12 Provide a list with pictures of construction equipment that is owned and available to demonstrate that the tenderer has the necessary equipment to complete the works;

Provide evidence of adequacy of working capital for this Contract including

  • access to line(s) of credit and availability of other financial resources
  • letters of reference from reputable suppliers outlining performance and showing current account value and financial limit of the account(s)
  • letters of reference from the Tenderer’s bankers;
14 Provide an Organization Structure or list of current employees to demonstrate that the size of the company and qualification of its employees is adequate to complete the works. Including signed CV’s for the required key construction personnel including a Project Manager and a Site Foreman;
  • Project schedule Gantt Chart/project program format showing how the works will progress to completion within the timeframe required.
  • Include information on all timescales for materials, equipment and component transportation times.
16 Insurance certificates provided (Public Liability, Professional Indemnity)
17 Provide list subcontracting components of the works and name and value of each subcontract component to demonstrate that total subcontract amounts to less than 20 percent of the Contract Price.
18 Tender briefing will be held on the 22/09/2021 at MFMR Compound, after Site visit on the 21/09/2021.

Tenders must be delivered in sealed envelopes to the address and before the closing time at c) below. Tenders will be opened promptly thereafter in public and in the presence of the Tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend at the address and time at d) below. Late or incomplete tenders shall not be accepted and will be returned to the Tenderer. Tenders shall be valid for a period of 45 days after the deadline of Tender submission. Take note that any attempt by a tenderer to influence the award of the tender in favor of any tenderer will lead to disqualification of that tenderer and may lead to criminal proceedings

a) Tender Administrator:

Divesta Poza

Procurement officer

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Head office,

Kukum E-mail:


Nina Taniveke

Project officer

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources

Head office, Kukum. Email:


b) Tender submission/due date:

All tender must be received on or before 2:00 pm 30th September 2021


c) Tender Submission to:

Chairman Central Tender Board

Ministry of Finance & Treasury,

PO Box 26



d) Tender Opening at:

The Leaf Hat, MoFT, Honiara at 2:30pm, 30th September 2021


Application Instructions

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