Economic Stimulus Package Call For Submissions (Solomon Islands)

Economic Stimulus Package Call For Submissions (Solomon Islands)

Closing on: Friday, June 5, 2020 - 17:00 SI - Honiara City Posted on: Thu, 05/28/2020 - 11:34

Tender Details

Call for Submissions

Economic Stimulus Package

Government through its Implementation and Oversight Committee is now calling for submissions from interested applicants in the areas of agriculturefisheriestourism and forestry industries for funding consideration under the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package.

Find attached the information sheet. It can also be viewed or downloaded from the Pacifictenders website.

The Stimulus Package has three overarching guiding principles including:

  1. Quick economic return, which means the applicant’s proposed activity for funding should have a quick turnaround preferably not more than six months;
  2. Significant impact to the rural and national economy by encouraging income generating activities and employment. This means the proposed activity should enjoy a good number of people and contributes hugely to the national economy through taxes, business licenses and growth in manpower resources;
  3. Platform for long term economic recovery post covid-19 which sets the foundation for multiplier effect from economic activity, investment and growth.

Target areas 

Submissions should be in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, tourism and forestry industries. Submissions should be precise and not more than five (5) pages, highlighting your rationales on why your proposal should be supported under the ESP. Relevant additional documents should be attached as annex to the submission.

Where to submit

Submissions must be clearly marked as “COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package” and addressed to,

The Chairman
COVID-19 Stimulus Package Oversight and Implementing Committee
Ministry of Finance and Treasury
P.O. Box G26, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Submissions can be either mailed, hand delivered or emailed to the above address.

What to submit

Submission should contain general information of the applicant including contact, nature of your existing business structure, evidence of legal registration, history and records of previous similar undertakings, activities to be undertaken in tabulated format, purpose (what will be achieved in terms of the 3 guiding principles), expected benefits (job creation etc.), business plan, budget, revenue projections, risks factors.

Due Date

Submissions must reach the above address no later than 5 June 2020. Incomplete submissions and those made after the due date shall not be considered.

Selection criteria

To be considered for funding, submissions must clearly outline how it will achieve the three (3) guiding principles of the Stimulus Package. Information presented in the submissions mut also satisfy the specific criteria in the attached matrix.

Screening process

All submissions will go through a robust screening process by a technical steering committee chaired by OPMC/MOFT. Screening will include site assessment for verification before it will process to the Implementation and Oversight Committee (IOC) for final approval.

Contract Agreement 

Successful applicants will sign a legally binding contract agreement with the national Government.


If the recipient fails to comply with the ToR of the contract agreement, he/she will be liable for prosecution under the national laws of the sovereign state of Solomon Islands.

M & E

Approved projects will be subjected to on-going monitoring and evaluation schedules set by the IOC.


For further enquiries on the Stimulus Package, contact:

Rictor Luaboe
Economic Reform Unit (ERU)
Phone: 7732500


Trevor Manemahaga
Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet
Phone: 7850893

Application Instructions

"See above"