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Tender Details

Project Title: Provision of Electrical Service for SPC Suva
Project Description
Pacific Community (SPC) is an international organisation established in 1947. Its headquarters is in Noumea, New Caledonia, with other offices in Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia and Solomon Islands. SPC has 26 member countries and territories including its founding members, Australia, France, New Zealand and the United States of America.
SPC offices in Fiji are located at the following locations:
1. Nabua Campus - 3 Luke Street Nabua.
2. Mead Road Campus - 241 Mead Road, Nabua.
3. Lotus Campus - Level 1 and 2, Lotus Building, Nabua.
4. Narere Campus -Beaumont Road, Narere.
As part of upkeep and maintenance of offices at the Suva locations, SPC has a maintenance schedule for the offices, which is implemented by the SPC Suva Facilities team. The maintenance schedule includes electrical works, maintenance and installations. The Facilities team also manage construction projects for new office space depending on the need which requires new electrical connections. SPC also implements construction projects as part of the activities it implements for its member countries.
SPC intends to appoint preferred provider for service and supply of general electrical works who would be able to carry out routine maintenance works and provide for all maintenance requirements for construction projects undertaken within their Suva Regional Office and may also be required for works to be carried out in their country offices and project sites in their other member countries.
SPC herewith invites bidders to submit a sealed bid for appointment of qualified and licensed contractor/s on preferred provider arrangement for supply of electrical components and carrying out General Electrical Works as and when required. The appointed preferred provider will be expected to provide a quotation for any specific requirement which SPC requires to be done. Upon the approval of the quotation and issuance of an official SPC purchase order, the contractor will be required to promptly deliver the services or supply the items required at the approved price. Every time the appointed preferred provider issues a quotation it should represent the ‘best value for money for SPC.
Preferred Supplier Agreement’s (PSA) will be awarded to the successful contractor for initially up to one year and at the discretion of SPC may be renewed for a further three years subject to Contractors performance. The performance audit for the preferred provider will be carried out annually and a review and verification of costs against the current market rates will also be carried out.

1.2. Proposals must be received by SPC at the email address mentioned below (1.5.) on or before 25th April,2021 – 04.00 pm (Fiji Time). Any proposal received after this date may be rejected. SPC may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals, by notifying all prospective bidders in writing. The extension of the deadline may accompany a modification of the solicitation documents prepared by SPC at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder.
1.3. All proposals submitted, correspondence, and related documents, shall be in English. If any of the supporting documentation or printed literature is in any other language, a written translation of the document in English should also be provided. In such case the translated document will be used for processing and evaluation purposes.
1.4. All prices in the proposals must be presented in FJD and inclusive of all taxes.
1.5. The proposal has to be in two separate emails as follows:
i Send by e-mail the technical proposal (annexes III, IV, V and VI) and related document(s), clearly indicating the RFP number in the email subject. No financial information whatsoever must appear in the technical proposal;
ii Send in a second separate e-mail the financial proposal (annex VII) and related document(s). The opening of this second email shall be protected by a password to be provided to SPC Procurement upon request at the time of the financial evaluation.
1.6. Proposals must be emailed to with the heading RFP21/012 PREFERRED PROVIDER FOR SUPPLY & SERVICE OF GENERAL ELECTRICAL WORKS or sent by courier to:

Pacific Community (SPC)
Procurement Unit – RFP 21/012
Private Mail Bag
Suva – FIJI`
Hand Delivered to Request for Proposal Box situated at:
Pacific Community (SPC) Office
Procurement Unit
Nabua, Suva, Fiji
1.7. For all proposals received before the deadline, SPC will send a formal acknowledgement of receipt to the Bidder.

Application Instructions

See attached for complete instructions