Termite Treatment to Newly Completed Classroom Blocks

Termite Treatment to Newly Completed Classroom Blocks

Closing on: Monday, January 25, 2021 - 14:00 SI - Honiara CitySI - Western ProvinceSouth Pacific Posted on: Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:48

Tender Details


INVITATION TO TENDER: Termite Treatment to Newly Completed Classroom Blocks


Certified Bidders are invited to Tender for the services described below. Bidding Document can be obtained from the provincial planning Office at Gizo Provincial Headquarters or by paying a tender fee of $100.00 at the Provincial cashier or a deposit into the Western Provincial BSP Account #8400200801 and send copy of the deposit slop to the email below:

Complete Bids are to be placed in a sealed envelope and will be addressed to the:

Provincial Secretary,

Western Provincial Government

PO Box 36, Gizo

Western Province

The Contact Number and Name should be clearly marker on the envelope before submission

Completed bids are to be submitted to the provincial planning office, Provincial Headquarters before the deadline for submission of Bids. Bids will be opened in public fifteen minutes after the deadline for submission. 


  1. EDU/20/06- Termite Treatment to Lengana Primary school classroom  Building
  2. EDU/20/07- Termite Treatment to Paradise Community High School Classroom  Building
  3. EDU/20/08- Termite Treatment to Sidoka Community High School Classroom  Building
  4. EDU/20/09- Termite Treatment to Varese Community High School Classroom  Building
     Time allowed for completion  2 weeks
     Pre-Bid Conference  10am Monday 18th January 2021, planning office, Provincial HQ
     Deadline for Submission of Bids  2pm Monday 25th January 2021
     Qualifications Required  General Contractor or labour contractor
       In business for minimum 2 years
      Certified termite treatment service provider
      Registered with IRD and has TIN Certificate
       Valid Business License 
       No default on previous Provincial government contracts

    Qualifications of the preferred tenderer will be checked before award of contract.

    The provincial Government is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender. Failure to comply with the tender instructions may lead to disqualification of the tender.

    Any attempt by a tenderer to influence the award in their favour will cause automatic disqualification and may lead to criminal proceedings

    Further information regarding the tender is available from the:

                      Provincial Procurement Specialist

                      Provincial planning Office

                      Western Provincial Government Headquarter, Gizo

                      Phone: 7622314

                      Email: jonemasa@gmail.com

Application Instructions

"see above"