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Tender Details




Invitation for Bids


Provision of Voyage Audit Services

Contract FSS-MID TIN-HON 3/16


Date:                                       30th August 2016

Grant:                                     Grant: 0127-Domestic Maritime Support Project

Deadline for Bids:                 29th September 2016 @ 12:00pm (local time Honiara)


  1. The Solomon Islands Government has received a grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for its Domestic Maritime Support (Sector) Project. Part of the proceeds is used for the provision of voyage audit services. The terms and conditions of the contract and payments will be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement, including the ADB’s procurement guidelines. Bidding is only open to bidders from eligible member countries of the ADB.


  1. The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, represented by the Permanent Secretary (the Franchisor), now invites sealed bids for the provision of voyage audit services. The required services consist of the conduct of audits of cargo and passenger, receipts and the operations of the shipping clerks on a specified number of voyages each year.


  1. The Auditor shall, from the time the vessel commences loading at Honiara and then throughout the voyage, check that:
  • Receipts or tickets are issued for all passengers and for all cargo loaded;
  • The receipts and tickets are in a printed format, subsequently numbered and that at least one copy of each ticket and receipts is retained by the shipping operator;
  • The monetary value shown on tickets and receipts issued corresponds with the value shown on the copy retained by the operator;
  • Duplicate or “dummy” receipt and ticket books are not used;
  • The correct fares and cargo rates are charged and the passenger and cargo manifests are accurate.
  • The Ministry may request additional voyage audits on particular routes;
  • The Auditor shall submit a proposal timetable for the voyage checks, which shall be approved by the Ministry before any audit checks are undertaken.
  • The Auditor shall be responsible for providing all allowances and rations for the duration of the voyage for their staff undertaking the voyage audits.


  1. The Auditor shall provide the following reports:
  • during and end of voyage, obtain record of fuel on hand (litres) prior to refilling before departure; verify amount of fuel refilled (litres) before departure; verify amount of fuel left at the end of voyage (litres); prepare reconciliation of fuel usage (litres);
  • at the end of each voyage audited, a report detailing the route, voyage dates, the name of the auditor, the audit activities, any irregularities detected and any recommendations for the Operator to improve their voyages and accounting practices;
  • post voyage, obtain a copy of shipping operator voyage report and perform the following procedures;
  • test mathematical accuracy of report and revenues and costs; agree revenue amounts to attached supporting passenger and cargo list; agree Fuel/Oil costs to supporting documentation and calculations, ensure extension accurate; verify crew wages/provisions and rations/port dues/loading and unloading, costs/advertising and other costs included in the report to payment vouchers and original invoices and other documentations and calculations;
  • voyage call Point Confirmation Form: verify fuel price/bid price and fuel used to supporting documentation/calculations; confirm accuracy of fuel voyage adjustment amount; confirm accuracy of fuel usage to fuel reconciliation performed at the end of each voyage;
  • vessel Log Book, review details and confirm accuracy of events recorded;
  • passenger and Cargo list: test mathematics accuracy of passenger list and cargo list and agree totals/subtotals to voyage finance report; Reconcile passenger/cargo receipts and passenger/cargo numbers to detailed obtained during audit voyage trip and confirm completeness and accuracy of details reported including sequential check of ticket/cargo numbers;
  • fuel Supplier’s Invoice: verify details provided to original documents (payment and invoices); verify payments details to bank statements;
  • route Loading Requirement: verify that the voyage does not exceed the vessel’s Maximum Capacity for passengers and cargoes as per SIMSA requirements: observe that passengers are comfortably accommodated on board vessel and cargoes are properly and safely stacked;
  • report Write-up: report write-up to be submitted is to be incorporated in each voyage audit reports;
  • at the end of each quarter, a report detailing the routes and voyages audited in that quarter and summarizing irregularities detected and recommendations for improvements to both Operator voyage financial operations and the process of conducting the audits; and
  • at the end of each year, a report listing the routes and voyages audited in that year and summarizing significant irregularities detected and recommendations for improvements to both Operator voyage financial operations and the process of conducting the audits.
  • These reports should be issued in accordance with the requirements of ISRS4400.


  1. Auditor Attributes


The Auditor shall have the following attributes:


  • a current Solomon Islands Certification of Registration of Business Name.
  • a current Solomon Islands Certificate of Incorporation of Certification of Registration of Notices of Registration;
  • if applicable, a signed and notarized joint venture agreement;
  • a Team Leader qualified as a Certified Practicing Accountant; and
  • all team personnel with accounting experiences.


  1. Contract Period: the contract for the Auditor’s service shall be three (3) years subject to a satisfactory review after the first year.
  2. National Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with ADB;s Single-Stage: One-Envelope Bidding Procedure.
  3. To obtain further information and to inspect the Bidding Documents, bidders should contact:


Mr Harry Rini

Franchise Shipping Scheme Manager

Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Hyundai Building, Mendana Avenue, Honiara

Tel. No: (677) 21322





DMSP FSs office,

Located in the Workshop Compound


Tel. No :21831



  1. All bids must be comprised of one (1) stamped “Original” and one (1) copy stamped “Copy”, each of which should be inserted in an envelope and all two envelopes must be marked only with the contract number and the contract name.


  1. All bids must be delivered to the following address:


The Chairman,

Ministerial Tender Board (MTB),

Ministry of Infrastructure Development,

P O Box G8, Honiara.

On, or before Thursday 29th September 2016 12:00pm local Solomon Islands time.



  1. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security Declaration using the form provided in the bidding document.  Bids will be opened immediately after the deadline. Late bids will be rejected.


  1. All prospective bidders are invited to attend the pre-bid briefings to be held at the MID DMSP Conference Room, MID Head Office Building, Mendana Avenue, Honiara, starting at 9:30am on Wednesday 21st September 2016.


  1. The MTB is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid. Failure to comply with the bid instructions may lead to disqualification of the bid.


  1. Any attempt by a bidder to influence the award of the bid in their favour will cause automatic disqualification and may lead to criminal proceedings.

Application Instructions